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Ladygarden Wines celebrate women in wine. Founder Kelly Pearson works with her ‘partners in wine’, other women winemakers, creating a range of wines that speak of their place and to the passion and specialty of each winemaker.

After over 25 years wine industry experience, Kelly Pearson struck out on her own and created Ladygarden Wines. It’s a business in the business of celebrating women in wine. Based in Geelong, Victoria, Kelly initially crafted wines with grapes from her home town and has since partnered with several other women winemakers from around Australia to produce wines under the Ladygarden label. Each year she works with a new group of women: experienced winemakers who have their own established businesses, emerging winemakers and women new to the industry who benefit from mentoring. Ladygarden is a diverse group of women from a range of backgrounds, all who love to tell their story through a shared passion for wine.

Creating a collaborative environment with Ladygarden’s ‘partners in wine’, the goal of Ladygarden Wines is to be an inclusive wine business that not only showcases women in wine but also gives back to the wine community. Through the provision of scholarships to women wishing to undertake viticulture and winemaking studies, internship (or work experience) placements and winemaking, business and sales support, Ladygarden will provide a strong network that also creates a positive economic outcome for all involved.